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Project Financing and Rebates

Make your home more efficient with Shoreline Building Performance

Shoreline Building Performance is dedicated to helping clients with the analysis and documentation required to facilitate project financing for energy-efficient residential construction. Our expertise extends to multi-family projects, ensuring compliance with energy standards and optimizing financial returns. We guide clients through the complexities of energy codes and financing options, streamlining the path to sustainable and cost-effective building solutions.

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An innovative new multi-unit mortgage loan insurance product focused on affordability, accessibility, and climate compatibility. Access reduced premiums and longer amortization periods based on your level of commitment to affordability, accessibility, and climate compatibility using MLI Select.

CleanBC New Construction Program

The CleanBC Better Homes New Construction Program provides rebates up to $15,000 for the construction of new, high-performance, electric homes.

FortisBC New Home Program

The New Home Program aligns with the BC Energy Step Code, providing builders with rebates when building high-performance homes. Additional rebates are also available for drain water heat recovery systems, connected thermostats and more.
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