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HVAC Design + Commissioning

Your home's mechanical system is one of the most important parts of your home, and has a significant impact on your health and comfort. Proper HVAC design is more than just choosing a high-efficiency system and making sure the air makes it to every room. Proper HVAC design should be a collaborative effort to balance cost, performance and constructability.

Working with a 3rd party designer, such as Shoreline Building Performance, ensures all these elements are considered with your best interests in mind, independently and impartially. With our background in energy modelling, we have a firm understanding of the house as a system and building science principles, and the complex role the mechanical system plays.


Why use a 3rd-party HVAC Design Professional?

Ensure that proper load calculations are being completed, and ductwork is being designed according to best practices.

Far too often systems are sized using rules of thumb, resulting in oversized equipment and undersized ductwork. The continuous push to increase system efficiencies has resulted in much tighter design and installation tolerances. Working with a qualified professional significantly improves the chances that the system will have a long lifespan, running at optimal efficiency.

The ability to compare apples to apples quotes.

Working with an independent HVAC designer allows builders and homeowners to provide installation contractors with a set of specifications, resulting in the ability to compare like for like equipment, instead of making an educated guess between multiple sizes and efficiencies of equipment. Our experienced HVAC design team is there to walk you through every step of the process.

Our main focus is to design and commission the system that will work best for you.

As an independent 3rd party, we make no money off the sale of the equipment. Our sole focus is to deliver the best system for the application, working hand in hand with qualified installers, to achieve that goal.


Working with a 3rd party HVAC designer contributes to the overall performance of the home, and can easily pay for itself in the savings associated with rework and operating costs. By completing the duct design and equipment selection up front, builders and contractors are able to compare apples to apples installation quotes. By providing commissioning and verification services, we are able to guarantee the equipment was installed and is functioning as designed. Contact us today at Shoreline Building Performance for complete HVAC design and commissioning services.

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